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Amazon Resource Name (ARN) and Principal utilities for Scratchstack.

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Amazon Resource Name (ARN)

ARNs come in two "flavors":

  • An actual resource, such as an EC2 instance (arn:aws:ec2:us-west-2:123456789012:instance/i-01234567890abcdef).
  • A policy resource statement, which in certain instances may contain wildcards (arn:aws:ec?:us-west-*:*:instance/*).

The Arn struct is used actual resources, while the ArnPattern struct is used to match against Arn structs.


A principal is an entity performing an action. Note that not all principals have ARNs. However, all principals have a "principal source": the domain that owns the identity of the principals.

The principals in the AWS ecosystem are:

  • Assumed Role (source: AWS): An IAM role assumed by an actor with a session name. Has an ARN in the form arn:_partition_:sts::_account-id_:assumed-role/_role-name_/_session-name_.
  • S3 Canonical User (source: CanonicalUser): An S3 user performing an action on an S3 object or bucket. This is a legacy identifier; IAM identifers are preferred now. Does not have an ARN.
  • Federated User (source: Federated): A user identified from a federation identity source. Has an ARN in the form arn:_partition_:sts::_account-id_:federated-user/_user-name_.
  • Root User (source: AWS): The root user for an AWS account. Does not have an ARN. Note that the ARN in the form arn:_partition_:iam::_account-id_:root is an alias for any entity in the account, not the root user.
  • Service (source: Service): An AWS(-ish) service represented as a domain name. The domain name may or may not have the region embedded (e.g. codebuild.us-west-2.amazonaws.com vs edgelambda.amazonaws.com). Does not have an ARN.
  • IAM User (source: AWS): An IAM user. Has an ARN in the form arn:_partition_:iam::_account-id_:user/\[_path_/\]_user-name_.

Entities that exist but are not principals:

  • EC2 Instance: EC2 instances perform actions based on the assumed role tied to the instance profile. The instance itself has an ARN in the form arn:_partition_:ec2:_region_:_account-id_:instance/_instance-id_.
  • IAM Group: This is used to add policies common to a set of users. Users always act on their own behalf. Has an arn in the form arn:_partition_:iam::_account-id_:group/\[_path_/]_group-name_.


The ServiceError trait used throughout Scratchstack libraries.