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Safe wrapper for Cloudflare's optimized zlib

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This is a Rust wrapper for Cloudflare's SIMD-accelerated fork of zlib.

It requires x86-64 CPU with SSE 4.2 or ARM64 with NEON & CRC. It does not support 32-bit CPUs at all.

Note: you will have to ensure that the program using cloudflare-zlib does not link with any other version of libz. Otherwise the accelerated version may not be used, or the program could even crash. Because of a Cargo issue this crate doesn't prevent this problem.


If arm-always feature is set (build with --features=arm-always), ARM will be supported without a runtime check (i.e. it will crash if run on an unsupported ARM CPU). Otherwise it will fail gracefully on an incompatible CPU.


use cloudflare_zlib::*;

let mut stream = Deflate::new(Z_BEST_COMPRESSION, Z_DEFAULT_STRATEGY, 15)?;
stream.compress(b" ipsum")?;
let compressed = stream.finish()?;



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