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Rust library for the Cloudflare v4 API

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⚠️ This library is a Work in Progress! ⚠️

This library provides convenience functions that wrap the Cloudflare API.

It provides two client implementations (asynchronous vs blocking). However, projects targeting wasm32 only get the asynchronous one (as it does not make sense to block in that target).


This is a fork of the cloudflare crate. I've tried upstreaming my patches but they have not yet been merged and release.

This might not grow beyond my personal fork with few bug fixes but I do intend to make some architectural changes that some might find useful.

Few Opinionated changes:

  • Only Async Api
  • Uses surf instead of reqwest allowing you to choose your own async runtime (smol, tokio, async_std)
  • Surf features like rustls, hyper-rs, etc
  • Better error handling?
  • Extensive debug and info logs with log


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