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app clipsync

A neovim plugin and server to sync the contents of a remote neovim's '+' buffer with the clipboard of the host machine

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0.2.2 Sep 2, 2022
0.1.2 Jun 10, 2022
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There are several "unwraps" that need to be handled correctly and ergonomic upgrades to be made.


Clipsync is a neovim plugin that pushes the content of the + buffer to a remote host's clipboard any time content is yanked into it.

It allows you to yank into the + buffer while in a remote nvim session and have that yanked content show up in your host system's clipboard.


  • A (relatively new) Rust toolchain installed on both the remote and host machines.
  • Cmake


Remote Machine

On the remote machine you wish to receive clipboard updates from, install the plugin:


Plug "masonj188/clipsync", {'do': 'cargo install --path .' }


use { "masonj188/clipsync", run = 'cargo install --path .' }

For the post-install scripts to work, cargo must be in your path. If ~/.cargo/bin is not in your path, set g:clipsync_bin to the full path of the clipsync-plugin binary. I.e. let g:clipsync_bin = '/home/foo/.cargo/bin/clipsync-plugin' or vim.g.clipsync_bin='/home/foo/.cargo/bin/clipsync-plugin' for lua configs.

Host Machine

On the machine you want the clipboard to be updated on:

cargo install clipsync

Then run the server clipsync-receiver.

Connecting to the remote server

With the server running on the host machine, in neovim run :ClipsyncConnect "http://<hostname/ip>:8089", modified to match the hostname or IP of the host machine running the server.

Clipsync itself does not take care of encryption/TLS. If you're running it across the public internet, consider using wireguard or another VPN/tunneling solution to make sure the contents of your clipboard are not going across the public internet in plain text. (Wireguard also makes it easier to get an IP address for your host machine)


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