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magical shell history

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Atuin replaces your existing shell history with a SQLite database, and records additional context for your commands. Additionally, it provides optional and fully encrypted synchronisation of your history between machines, via an Atuin server.


exit code, duration, time and command shown

As well as the search UI, it can do things like this:

# search for all successful `make` commands, recorded after 3pm yesterday
atuin search --exit 0 --after "yesterday 3pm" make

You may use either the server I host, or host your own! Or just don't use sync at all. As all history sync is encrypted, I couldn't access your data even if I wanted to. And I really don't want to.


  • rebind ctrl-r and up (configurable) to a full screen history search UI
  • store shell history in a sqlite database
  • back up and sync encrypted shell history
  • the same history across terminals, across sessions, and across machines
  • log exit code, cwd, hostname, session, command duration, etc
  • calculate statistics such as "most used command"
  • old history file is not replaced
  • quick-jump to previous items with Alt-<num>
  • switch filter modes via ctrl-r; search history just from the current session, directory, or globally
  • enter to execute a command, tab to edit


Supported Shells

  • zsh
  • bash
  • fish
  • nushell
  • xonsh



Atuin has a community forum, please ask here for help and support: https://forum.atuin.sh/


Atuin also has a community Discord, available here


With the default sync server

This will sign you up for the default sync server, hosted by me. Everything is end-to-end encrypted, so your secrets are safe!

Read more below for offline-only usage, or for hosting your own server.

# bash/zsh/etc
bash <(curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf https://setup.atuin.sh)

# fish
bash (curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf https://setup.atuin.sh | psub)

atuin register -u <USERNAME> -e <EMAIL>
atuin import auto
atuin sync

Then restart your shell!


For Bash users: The above sets up bash-preexec for necessary hooks, but bash-preexec has limitations. For details, please see the Bash section below.

Offline only (no sync)

bash <(curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/atuinsh/atuin/main/install.sh)
atuin import auto

By default, Atuin will check for updates. You can disable update checks by modifying config.toml.

Then restart your shell!


Packaging status Packaging status

The install script will help you through the setup, ensuring your shell is properly configured. It will also use one of the below methods, preferring the system package manager where possible (pacman, homebrew, etc etc).

# do not run this as root, root will be asked for if required
bash <(curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/atuinsh/atuin/main/install.sh)

And then follow the shell setup

With cargo

It's best to use rustup to get setup with a Rust toolchain, then you can run:

cargo install atuin

And then follow the shell setup


brew install atuin

And then follow the shell setup


Atuin is also available in MacPorts

sudo port install atuin

And then follow the shell setup


Atuin is available in the Exherbo Linux rust repository:

cave resolve -x repository/rust
cave resolve -x atuin


This repository is a flake, and can be installed using nix profile:

nix profile install "github:atuinsh/atuin"

Atuin is also available in nixpkgs:

nix-env -f '<nixpkgs>' -iA atuin

And then follow the shell setup


Atuin is available in the Arch Linux [extra] repository:

pacman -S atuin

And then follow the shell setup


Atuin is available in the Void Linux repository:

sudo xbps-install atuin

And then follow the shell setup


Atuin is available in the Termux package repository:

pkg install atuin

And then follow the shell setup

From source

git clone https://github.com/atuinsh/atuin.git
cd atuin/atuin
cargo install --path .

And then follow the shell setup

Shell plugin

Once the binary is installed, the shell plugin requires installing. If you use the install script, this should all be done for you! After installing, remember to restart your shell.


echo 'eval "$(atuin init zsh)"' >> ~/.zshrc


zinit load atuinsh/atuin


antigen bundle atuinsh/atuin@main


Atuin works in bash >= 3.1 when combined with either ble.sh or bash-preexec. We recommend to use Atuin with the recent versions of bash >= 5.


Atuin works best in bash when using ble.sh >= 0.4.

With ble.sh (>= 0.4) installed, just add atuin to your .bashrc

echo 'eval "$(atuin init bash)"' >> ~/.bashrc


Please make sure that the above line comes after sourcing ble.sh, so Atuin detects ble.sh.


Bash-preexec can also be used, but you may experience minor problems of missing commands, ignored HISTCONTROL, wrong recorded duration and exit status of some commands.

To use bash-preexec, download and initialize it

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rcaloras/bash-preexec/master/bash-preexec.sh -o ~/.bash-preexec.sh
echo '[[ -f ~/.bash-preexec.sh ]] && source ~/.bash-preexec.sh' >> ~/.bashrc

Then set up Atuin

echo 'eval "$(atuin init bash)"' >> ~/.bashrc


bash-preexec cannot properly invoke the preexec hook for subshell commands (...), function definitions func() { ...; }, empty for-in-statements for i in; do ...; done, etc., so those commands may not be recorded in the Atuin's history.

bash-preexec currently has an issue where it will stop honoring HISTCONTROL=ignorespace. While Atuin will ignore commands prefixed with whitespace, they may still end up in your bash history. Please check your configuration! All other shells do not have this issue.

Also, there can be problems in the recorded duration and the exit status of some commands.


To use Atuin in bash < 4 with bash-preexec, the option enter_accept needs to be turned on (which is so by default).



atuin init fish | source

to your is-interactive block in your ~/.config/fish/config.fish file


Run in Nushell:

mkdir ~/.local/share/atuin/
atuin init nu | save -f ~/.local/share/atuin/init.nu

Add to config.nu:

source ~/.local/share/atuin/init.nu



execx($(atuin init xonsh))

to the end of your ~/.xonshrc


If you find any security issues, we'd appreciate it if you could alert ellie@atuin.sh


Made with contrib.rocks.


~2M SLoC