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A viewer for Termimad.

This tiny application opens any Markdown file and displays it using Termimad.

Which isn't really useful as Termimad hasn't been designed to display any markdown file. Termimad is more of an helper to let you incorporate rich text and tables in your terminal applications.

Clima is thus not a general purpose Markdown viewer but can be used to try out or fix some markdown you'd like to incorporate into your terminal application using Termimad and that you prefer to edit as a file.

Installation from source

Download the Repository

git clone https://github.com/Canop/clima

and build and install clima

cd clima
cargo install --path .

Precompiled binaries

They're available at https://dystroy.org/clima


To open a file in the viewer, just pass its path:

clima README.md

You can also provide the URL of a markdown file or of a github repository:

clima https://github.com/Canop/broot

If you add the --print option, the file is just printed to stdout, the scrollable viewer doesn't appear:

clima -p README.md

With the --skin argument, you can provide a Termimad skin file, either as JSON or Hjson:

clima --skin skin.hjson

(this repository contains an example of such skin)


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