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Bindings to Clang XRay runtime library

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Bindings to Clang/LLVM's compiler-rt libraryXRay Runtime Library.


You have to use a nightly compiler and pass the -Z instrument-xray flag to rustc.

compiler-rt library must be installed in the system.

  • On Debian, compiler-rt is installed as a part of the clang package.
  • On Fedora, compiler-rt package is available.

We will try to locate XRay libraries using clang binary from PATH. If not found automatically, set CLANG_RT_XRAY_DIR environment to the installation directory.


This project follows compiler-rt licensing:

  • triple-licensing for the duration of LLVM relicensing:
    • Apache License, Version 2.0 with LLVM exception – new license
    • University of Illinois/NCSA license
    • MIT license
  • users may use the code under either of these licenses
  • contributions must be provided under all three licenses
  • at some point in the future only Apache 2.0 will be used

See LICENSE for details.