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system data via on-demand notifications

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0.15.0 Apr 29, 2022
0.14.2 Mar 13, 2022
0.14.1 Jan 27, 2022
0.6.4 Dec 26, 2021

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citron provides system data via on-demand notifications, it is essentially an alternative to status bars that is meant to be used through keybindings defined in your window manager's configuration.

It is designed to stay out of your way. The moment you want to know something, like today's date for example, you tap a keybinding — and instantly, a notification pops up with the data you requested, and then simply goes away after a few seconds.

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Check out the installation wiki page.

Getting started

Check out the main wiki page.


Check out the configuration wiki page.


  • Thank you to pin@NetBSD.org for packaging and maintaining citron on NetBSD.


A preview of citron in action.


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