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Crate help in terminal: A tool for looking up details about rust crates without going to crates.io

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Chit: Crate help in terminal

A command-line tool for looking up details about rust crates without going to crates.io.

Chit helps answer these questions:

  • Who wrote this crate? What else did they write?
  • What alternatives are there for this crate?
  • How old is this crate?
  • What versions are there? When did they come out?
  • What are the download numbers over time?
  • Should I use this crate?
  • How mature is it?


Cargo installed already? cargo install chit.

If not... find out how to install cargo!

Nix package manager

nix-env -iA nixpkgs.chit


chit rocket OR chit --crate=rocket

chit versions --crate=hex-buffer-serde

chit owners --crate=hex-buffer-serde

chit repo --crate=chit


(Would love Pull requests that build towards these objectives)

  • Tests
    • Versions
    • Owners
    • Crate details
  • Add a CI pipeline that runs the tests
  • Make a logo for chit
  • Add another command e.g. chit repo which might get meta data like stars and collaborator numbers etc
  • Change error handling to use result types
  • Use some more functional programming techniques to cut the code size down
  • distribute through brew, apt-get, etc...
  • expand the repository details returned by the repo command


See the fantastic people who have made chit.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.md file for details


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