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chmap is a command line tool to work with Clang headermaps produced by Xcode. It is written in Rust.

chmap is the modern, cross-paltform version of the Swift hmap tool.

How to Get


You need a Rust toolchain, see rustup.


  1. Clone the repository
  2. If you want to run via cargo, use cargo run -- arguments
  3. If you want to install, cargo install --path chmap

cheadermap Crate

If you would like to use the cheadermap library crate, add the following to your Cargo.toml:

cheadermap = "0.2.0"

How to Use

To print the contents of an hmap file, execute:

chmap print /path/to/file.hmap

For example, if you have just cloned the repository, execute cargo run -- print /path/to/file.hmap.


Visual Studio Code coupled with the rust-analyzer and CodeLLDB provide a good IDE experience.

rustfmt & clippy

If you don't have rustfmt and clippy, you can install them by executing:

rustup component add rustfmt
rustup component add clippy

Before committing, ensure code is formatted and passes clippy without any warnings using:

cargo fmt --all
cargo clippy


From the repo root, execute:

cargo test


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