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Chainpulse is a monitoring tool for IBC relayers

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0.3.2 Jul 26, 2023
0.3.1 Jul 20, 2023
0.3.0 Jun 6, 2023
0.2.0 May 26, 2023
0.1.2 May 25, 2023

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Cosmos ecosystem

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Chain Pulse

Collect packets relayed to and from a given blockchain, computing which packets are effected or not and by whom they were relayed.

The collected data is stored in a SQLite database and the metrics are exported to Prometheus.


  1. Clone this repository

    $ git clone https://github.com/informalsystems/chainpulse
  2. Build the chainpulse executable

    $ cargo build --release
  3. The chainpulse executable can now be found in target/release


Create a configuration file at chainpulse.toml with the following content:

endpoints = [
  { name = "neutron", comet_version = "0.34", url = "wss://neutron-rpc.lavenderfive.com/websocket" },
  { name = "osmosis", comet_version = "0.34", url = "wss://rpc.osmosis.zone/websocket" },

path = "data.db"

enabled = true
port    = 3000

Note: The comet_version field is optional and defaults to "0.34".


Collect and analyze txs containing IBC messages, export the collected metrics for Prometheus

Usage: chainpulse [OPTIONS]

  -c, --config <CONFIG>  Path to the configuration file [default: chainpulse.toml]
  -h, --help             Print help

Run the collector using the configuration file above to collect packet metrics on Osmosis and Neutron:

$ chainpulse --config chainpulse.toml
2023-05-26T10:17:28.378380Z  INFO Metrics server listening at http://localhost:3000/metrics
2023-05-26T10:17:28.386299Z  INFO collect{chain=neutron}: Connecting to wss://neutron-rpc.lavenderfive.com/websocket...
2023-05-26T10:17:28.386951Z  INFO collect{chain=osmosis}: Connecting to wss://rpc.osmosis.zone/websocket...
2023-05-26T10:17:28.932084Z  INFO collect{chain=neutron}: Subscribing to NewBlock events...
2023-05-26T10:17:29.012893Z  INFO collect{chain=neutron}: Waiting for new blocks...
2023-05-26T10:17:29.078725Z  INFO collect{chain=osmosis}: Subscribing to NewBlock events...
2023-05-26T10:17:29.254485Z  INFO collect{chain=osmosis}: Waiting for new blocks...


Prometheus Metrics

The built-in HTTP server at /metrics exports the following Prometheus metrics:

ibc_effected_packets{chain_id, src_channel, src_port, dst_channel, dst_port, signer, memo}
ibc_uneffected_packets{chain_id, src_channel, src_port, dst_channel, dst_port, signer, memo}
ibc_frontrun_counter{chain_id, src_channel, src_port, dst_channel, dst_port, signer, frontrunned_by, memo, effected_memo}

ibc_stuck_packets{dst_chain,src_chain,src_channel} 1

Internal metrics

The following internal metrics are also available, for monitor Chain Pulse itself:

chainpulse_chains 2


This project is heavily inspired and partly ported from @clemensgg's relayer-metrics-exporter


Copyright © 2023 Informal Systems Inc. and Hermes authors.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use the files in this repository except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.


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