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0.1.1 May 3, 2019
0.1.0 Dec 10, 2018

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CryptoDiggers payment gateway

Rust implementation of CryptoDiggers payment API.


This crate provides an implementation of CryptoDiggers payment API version 1. The implementation is async, using futures + tokio. It supports several cryptocurrencies, including test networks and several fiat currencies.

The interface is strongly typed to avoid problems, since this is important for security,


The version 0.1.1 of this crate introduces ability to log events using slog. It does so without introducing backwards-incompatibility or performance penalty. It's also very easy to setup.

All you need is to enable feature slog and then pass your logger using set_logger() method on CDPayBuilder. The simplicity of this should enable you to chain the slog feature with your own crate easily.

All logs are discarded by default and not even generated when slog feature is turned off.


The author of this crate doesn't provide any guarantees when it comes to correctness, security or any other property that might be important for not losing money. The users of this library are wholy responsible for reviewing the code and using it. For further information, see the MITNFA license.

The author of this crate reserves the right to publicly ridicule any person or company experiencing any problems with incorrect use of this crate (where not reviewing it or not contracting independednt third party reviewer is considered incorrect use).

Do not use this software if you are in fear of being ridiculed!




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