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A library for performing Content-Defined Chunking (CDC) on data streams

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0.0.2 Sep 25, 2016

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A library for performing Content-Defined Chunking (CDC) on data streams. Implemented using generic iterators, very easy to use.


  let reader: BufReader<File> = BufReader::new(file);
  let byte_iter = reader.bytes().map(|b| b.unwrap());

  // Finds and iterates on the separators.
  for separator in SeparatorIter::new(byte_iter) {
    println!("Index: {}, hash: {:016x}", separator.index, separator.hash);

Each module is documented via an example which you can find in the examples/ folder.

To run them, use a command like:

cargo run --example separator --release

Note: Some examples are looking for a file named myLargeFile.bin which I didn't upload to Github. Please use your own files for testing.

What's in the crate

From low level to high level:

  • A RollingHash64 trait, for rolling hash with a 64 bits hash value.

  • Rabin64, an implementation of the Rabin Fingerprint rolling hash with a 64 bits hash value.

  • Separator, a struct which describes a place in a data stream identified as a separator.

  • SeparatorIter, an adaptor which takes an Iterator<Item=u8> as input and which enumerates all the separators found.

  • Chunk, a struct which describes a piece of the data stream (index and size).

  • ChunkIter, an adaptor which takes an Iterator<Item=Separator> as input and which enumerates chunks.

Implementation details

  • The library is not cutting any files, it only provides information on how to do it.

  • You can change the default window size used by Rabin64, and how the SeparatorIter is choosing the separator.

  • The design of this crate may be subject to changes sometime in the future. I am waiting for some features of Rust to mature up, specially the impl Trait feature.


There is a huge difference between the debug build and the release build in terms of performance. Remember that when you test the lib, use cargo run --release.

I may try to improve the performance of the lib at some point, but for now it is good enough for most usages.


Coded with ❤️ , licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

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