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recursively wipe target and node_modules folders

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Cargo Wipe

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Cargo subcommand that recursively finds and optionally wipes all "target" or "node_modules" folders that are found in the current path.



The Rust toolchain is a prerequisite.

cargo install cargo-wipe

Read the docs

cargo wipe --help


To find build folders for <language> that can potentially be deleted run

cargo wipe <language>

where <language> is rust or node. For example:

cargo wipe rust

This will run in dry-run mode and just print the list of directories to delete. To actually delete them run it again with the -w flag.

cargo wipe rust -w

Directories are found according to the following logic:

  • rust: all directories called target containing a file called .rustc_info.json.
  • node: all directories called node_modules.

You can use the -i <path> argument to ignore certain paths.

Usage Example

Usage Example Screenshot


Contributions are welcome and encouraged! See /issues for ideas, or suggest your own! If you're thinking to create a PR with large feature/change, please first discuss it in an issue.

PR Checks

    cargo make ci-flow


  • Update version in Cargo.toml

  • Update CHANGELOG.md

  • Commit

  • Add tag

    git tag -a vX.X.X
  • Push

    git push --follow-tags
  • Release
    Create a new release.
    publish.yml GitHub Action will pick it up and do the actual release to crates.io.


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