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Cargo commands run conditionally upon rust compiler version and environment

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Cargo commands run conditionally upon rustc version and environment. Cargo when and unless commands can aid in continuous integration scripts, among other uses.


Two cargo commands are provided, when and unless. unless is simply the negated condition of when and has the exact same options. From the when command line help documentation:

Runs subsequent cargo command only when the specified options match the current rust compiler
version and environment.


    -h, --help    Prints help information

    -c, --channel <CHANNEL>              Matches rustc release channel(s) [values: stable, beta,
    -x, --exists <ENV-VARIABLE>          Matches when environment variable(s) exist
    -e, --equals <ENV-VARIABLE=VALUE>    Matches when environment variable(s) equals specified
                                            value(s), e.g. RUST_SRC_PATH=~/rustsrc
    -v, --version <VERSION>              Matches rustc version(s) using same rules and version
                                            syntax as Cargo

To specify a set of multiple possible matches for an option, separate the values by a comma and no
spaces. At least one match option is required. If multiple match options are present, each option
specifies an additional match requirement for any of the set of possible values for that option.


Basic Usage

If you only want to compile and test a crate on the nightly rust compiler, and use a specialy "nightly" feature, use this command:

cargo when --channel nightly build --features nightly && cargo when --channel nightly test

If the rust compiler is not the nightly compiler, the cargo command will simply return a zero exit code for success without actually running the build or test cargo command.

If, instead, you know that your crate doesn't build properly on nightly and simply wish to skip nightly, either of the following examples will work:

cargo unless --channel nightly build
cargo when --channel stable,beta build

Multiple Requirements

You can provide multiple match requirements for the when and unless commands. Let's say you have a crate that only builds on stable Rust 1.5 or higher. You could use the following command:

cargo when --channel stable --version 1.5 build

The version match option behaves exactly like specifying a Cargo dependency; it defaults to a caret version requirement, meaning any stable Rust compiler version >= 1.5.0 but <= 2.0 will call cargo build. Otherwise, nightly, beta, and 1.0 Rust will fail to build. You can use any version dependency specification you would for Cargo for your Rust compiler! (Just be sure to add double-quotes when the version strings contain special shell characters.)

In the following example, the crate worked until Rust 1.4, then is fixed again in 1.5 and up:

cargo when --version "<1.4,1.5" build --release

Environment Variables

You can use when and unless to check environment variables to determine whether a cargo command should be run. The following example will only run the crate executable if the RUST_SRC_PATH variable that the executable requires for its srcpath option is set to any value in the current process environment:

cargo when --exists RUST_SRC_PATH run --srcpath="$RUST_SRC_PATH"

You can also test if the environment variable is set to specific values, for instance, this command won't cause any errors in any other shells, but will only run the crate tests when run from a bash shell, because someday somewhere this may prove useful to someone:

cargo when --equals SHELL=bash test

Example Travis CI Usage

The cargo when command works well in a continuous integration environment like Travis CI. Here's one example scenario featuring nightly-only features and building docs only on stable for later upload:

sudo: false
language: rust
- stable
- 1.8.0
- beta
- nightly
- |
  cargo install cargo-when
- |
  cargo unless --channel=nightly build --verbose &&
  cargo when --channel=nightly build --verbose --features nightly &&
  cargo unless --channel=nightly test --verbose &&
  cargo when --channel=nightly test --verbose --features nightly &&
  cargo when --channel=stable doc


This library is distributed under the terms of either of:

at your option.


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.


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