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Tool to automatically run tests on your Rust project and notify about the result

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Cargo testify

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Automatically runs tests on your Rust project and notifies about the result.

rust test with notification


Install prerequisites (for Debian/Ubuntu):

apt-get install -y libdbus-1-dev

Install the crate:

cargo install cargo-testify


Run within your Rust project:

cargo testify

How does it work?

It watches changes in the project directory, and reacts by running cargo test. The output result is parsed to identify one of the possible outcomes:

  • Tests passed
  • Tests failed
  • Compilation failed

To display notification in the Desktop environment notify-send (Linux) or osascript (MacOS) commands are used.

Watched files

  • src/**/*.rs
  • tests/**/*.rs
  • Cargo.toml
  • Cargo.lock
  • build.rs

Bypassing options to cargo test

Run cargo test --lib on file change:

cargo testify -- --lib


MIT © Sergey Potapov


  • greyblake Potapov Sergey - creator, maintainer.
  • hoodie Hendrik Sollich - thanks for notify-rust crate
  • waywardmonkeys Bruce Mitchener - fix typos
  • Hugal31 - support of --include option


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