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A simple fuzzy finder that allows you to search and run examples from the command line. It comes with the rx command.

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cargo-rx is a simple fuzzy finder and Runner for Examples in a Cargo project.

rx demo

This crate provides a single executable: rx. Basically anywhere you would use cargo run --example in a Rust project, try rx instead.

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Table of Contents


From source

Ensure that you have a fairly recent version of rust/cargo installed. Then, run:

$ cargo install cargo-rx

Compiler support: requires rustc 1.58+

From binaries

Check out the Releases page for pre-built binaries compatible with various architectures.


Note that on a Windows environment, you will also need to have fzf installed and available in your $PATH variable.

An easy way to install fzf is via Chocolatey:

choco install fzf

There is currently a feature request open on skim which proposes adding support for Windows, but this has not been currently implemented yet -- thus, the fzf tool serves as a stand-in alternative for now.


  • Fuzzy finder, which leverages skim to sort and search for examples in a Cargo project -- when called with just rx.
  • Pass arguments after -- to the selected example.
  • Automatically enables required-features when running an example.
  • Support for nested crates with binary targets.
  • Play back of most recently run example via the --replay option.
  • Automatically enables +nightly toolchain when passed in unstable options to cargo run, such as --unit-graph.


Contributions are welcome! Open a pull request to fix a bug, or open an issue to discuss a new feature or change.

Check out the Contributing section in the docs for more info.

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This project is proudly licensed under the MIT license (LICENSE or http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT).

cargo-rx can be distributed according to the MIT license. Contributions will be accepted under the same license.



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