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an interactive test runner for rust projects

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cargo-qtest: an interactive test runner for rust projects

cargo-qtest is a command-line tool that enhances the testing experience for Rust projects by providing an interactive and flexible way to find & select and run tests using pattern matching.



To install cargo-qtest, run the following command:

cargo install --locked cargo-qtest

Once installed, you can start using it with either cargo qtest or cargo-qtest in any of your projects.


The usage of cargo qtest mirrors that of cargo test. All arguments and flags applicable to cargo test can still be used with cargo qtest.

Q: Why?

  • Sometimes executing specific tests based on their paths can be challenging (specially when there are too many modules).
  • Running particular tests from different modules simultaneously (e.g., apple::test_fn and lemon::test_fn).
  • Selectively running tests matching a specific pattern in their names.
  • It's cool.


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