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app cargo-primestack

a tool to help run the prime stack

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0.1.1 Apr 19, 2023
0.1.0 Jan 30, 2023

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MIT license



From rust to tailwind. The tech stack for Leptos.


Leptos Tailwind crates.io


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  1. We will mimic creating the vercel example by creating a package.json and a README.md on how to get started

  2. we will need to create libsql example with easy steps to deploy your first time

  3. There is some fuckery we have to do with vercel

    • we need to remove that one line.
    • you know what line...
  4. Challenges

  • naming... that will be hard
  • Specific Vercel Problem: the aforementioned fuckery
  • Specific Vercel Problem: page based routing done in rust translated to javascript wasm loaders
    • OR we have a singular route and a singular response
    • I think this will be hard for definition with typescript

Initialize the empty suppository

npx create-next-app --example https://github.com/vercel/examples/tree/main/edge-functions/wasm-rust-xor edge-wasm-rust-xor


yarn create next-app --example https://github.com/vercel/examples/tree/main/edge-functions/wasm-rust-xor edge-wasm-rust-xor