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CI License Minimum Supported Rust Version

A cargo subcommand to see license of dependencies.

Installation and Usage

You can install cargo-license with: cargo install cargo-license and run it in your project directory with: cargo license or cargo-license.

cargo-license 0.5.0
Cargo subcommand to see licenses of dependencies.

    cargo license [OPTIONS]

    -a, --authors                      Display crate authors
        --all-features                 Activate all available features
        --avoid-build-deps             Exclude build dependencies
        --avoid-dev-deps               Exclude development dependencies
        --color <WHEN>                 Coloring [possible values: auto, always, never]
        --current-dir <CURRENT_DIR>    Current directory of the cargo metadata process
    -d, --do-not-bundle                Output one license per line
        --direct-deps-only             Output information only about the root package and don't
                                       fetch dependencies
        --features <FEATURE>           Space-separated list of features to activate
        --filter-platform <TRIPLE>     Only include resolve dependencies matching the given
    -h, --help                         Print help information
    -g, --gitlab                       Gitlab license scanner output
    -j, --json                         Detailed output as JSON
        --manifest-path <PATH>         Path to Cargo.toml
        --no-default-features          Deactivate default features
        --root-only                    Output information only about the root package
    -t, --tsv                          Detailed output as tab-separated-values


cargo-license running inside the cargo-license project directory:



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