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A browser interface for working through rustc errors and running cargo commands

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A browser interface for working through rustc errors and running cargo commands.

See the repository for a screen shot



Install cargo-gui from crates.io:

$ cargo install cargo-gui

Start the Server

Next, go to the directory of one of your cargo projects and start the cargo-gui server:

$ cd path/to/my-cargo-project
$ cargo gui

Server is listening on:

Opening the Dashboard

Now open that link in your web browser: http://localhost:9345/

In the Dashboard

You can click the Build, and Check buttons to invoke the corresponding cargo commands (i.e. Build invokes cargo build in your project directory).

If building or checking your program results in compilation errors, they will be displayed in a paginated format below. You can used the pagination navbar to see the Next, Previous, First and Last compilation errors. You can also use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to go to the next and previous errors.

Planned Features

  • Streaming input from cargo. Compiler messages and errors come in asynchronously as they are produced by the remote cargo command! (v0.3.0)
  • Windows 10 support. (v0.3.1)
  • Test on MacOS. See this issue if it works for you on MacOS!
  • Specialized display for cargo test commands.
  • Cancellable commands via the Cancel (^C) button.
  • Color themes (dark/light mode).
  • Generalized Run and Exec commands. This is tricky because the user could run a command like vim which constantly "repaints" the terminal window and accepts user input.


Contributions are welcome! Please check out CONTRIBUTING.md for instructions on how to get involved.


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