caffe2-c10 is used at run time in 233 crates. It is a direct run-time dependency in 13 crates.

Number of dependers caffe2-c10 version Downloads/month
224 0.1.5-alpha.0 1.1K
9 0.1.4-alpha.0 190
Depender (with downloads and own rev deps) caffe2-c10 version
1.3K 3 caffe2-event ^0.1.5-alpha.0
1.3K 142 caffe2-context ^0.1.5-alpha.0
1.3K 77 caffe2-tensor ^0.1.5-alpha.0
1.3K 223 caffe2-operator ^0.1.5-alpha.0
330 8 caffe2-serde ^0.1.5-alpha.0
160 6 caffe2-blob ^0.1.5-alpha.0
1 caffe2-qtensor ^0.1.5-alpha.0
1 caffe2-serverquantize ^0.1.5-alpha.0
caffe2-video ^0.1.5-alpha.0
caffe2-ideep ^0.1.5-alpha.0
caffe2-image ^0.1.5-alpha.0
caffe2-miopen ^0.1.5-alpha.0
caffe2op-roialign ^0.1.5-alpha.0