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Inject CAs into trust stores; port of mkcert to a library

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0.1.2 Mar 16, 2022
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0.1.0 Feb 28, 2022

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ca_injector: inject CA certificates into trust stores

This library is a (as of this writing, incomplete) rust port of mkcert to a library. It's purpose is to let you install the CAs of your choosing into various trust stores.

Please see the docs for more information on use.

Please also note that this library only supports injection into Linux trust stores as of this writing. It is planned soon to have OS X and Windows support.


Erik Hollensbe erik.hollensbe@zerotier.com


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ca_injector: inject CAs into a variety of trust stores

This code is adapted from mkcert and presented as a library. The general idea is to support a variety of needs for installation of third party CA certificates into trust stores.

Please see the (arguably simple) API below to meet your needs. This library only supports linux as of this writing, but OS X and Windows support are planned in the near future.