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The core components used for the bvr pager

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BVR Core

This crate contains the core functionality of the BVR pager.


Segment Buffers

These buffers are used to store and interact with line-indexed data. The buffers can be created from files or streams.


Segment buffers are divided into segments. Segments are the smallest unit of data loaded into memory. They are currently configured to be 1MB in size.

  • For files, segments are loaded into memory on demand, are unloaded based on an LRU cache.
  • For streams, all segments are loaded into memory.

SegBytes, SegStr

Data from the segment buffers is accessed through the SegBytes and SegStr. They borrow and pin the segment, preventing it from being unloaded from memory.


The LineIndex is used to map between line numbers and byte offsets. It is primarily used to answer questions like "what line is at this byte offset?" and "what byte offset is at this line number?".


The LineMatches is used to store matches in iteration order for a particular regex upon a buffer. They can be composed into a single LineMatches.


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