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Command line utility to create simple file snippets available to be instantiated at any time in future

It allows to register and spawn snippets at will


cargo install bts



Instantiate copy of an existing snippet

bts new SOURCE [DESTINATION] [-w/--with-parent] [-m/--max-depth _]


  • is snippet name.

It's good idea to remember that for the time being snippets are stored in directories. Therefore nesting is allowed and advised. For example, config/mysql, config/psql, config/sqlite are good examples of template names and config_mysql, config_psql, config_sqlite are, while correct, discouraged. But hey, these are your snippets. Consider it only to be an advice.


  • is target folder name

Place where you want to instantiate a snippet. By default pwd is used.


  • defines whether folder should be spawned preserving snippet name

This means that bts basic/template01 -w will spawn files in ./basic/template01/ instead of .


  • how deep the copy should go

Copies snippet only until given depth is reached in directory tree. For example,

                |- file.txt
                |-/ subdir

bts new basic/template01 -m 1

will produce only file.txt in current directory. This parameter accepts numbers in range 0..255, default value is 32.


Create new snippet from files

bts register TEMPLATE_NAME SOURCE [-a/--append] [-m/--max-depth]


  • is snippet name

It clears previous snippets stored at given namespace, so calling bts basic . will also remove basic/template01.


  • is a path to snippet files

When SOURCE is a file, this file will be stored at snippet namespace. When SOURCE is a directory, all contents of that directory will be stored at snippet namespace.


  • defines whether we want to append to existing snippet

This allows to create snippet only from selected files in directory.


  • defines how deep should bts search for files when creating a snippet.

Accepts numbers between 0 and 255, default value is 32.


I may accept new features, but that will only happen if I can see that it's useful. It's better to create issue at github before attempting to implement something. Bug fixes are always welcome. You can look into .travis.yml for build steps, but tldr is that I will merge only features that pass cargo clippy --all-targets --all-features -- -D warnings and cargo fmt --all -- --check


  • provide GUI for the app (?)
  • default snippets (sample rust projects etc.)
  • pass-through for selected applications (eg. bts spawn cargo/bin calls cargo new --bin)

License: MIT


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