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bore(1) is a DNS query tool based on nonymous.

# rustup default 1.46.0
cargo install bore
bore --help

OS packages

  • NixOS/nixpkgs — nix-shell -p bore
  • OpenBSDpkg_add bore


  • ☑ gathers default resolvers natively on Unix + Windows + macOS
  • ☑ uses pledge(2) and unveil(2) on OpenBSD
  • ☑ makes reverse DNS queries easily with -x (--reverse)
  • ☑ highlights output to draw your attention (--color by default)
  • ☑ comes with a detailed manual (bore --man or man bore)


  • Rust 1.46+ (tested with 1.46.0)
  • Should work on any platform including:
    • Linux
    • Windows 1511+
    • macOS 10.4+
    • OpenBSD 6.4+

Windows notes

bore(1) currently requires ENABLE_VIRTUAL_TERMINAL_PROCESSING, which was introduced on or near Windows build 10586. This includes most versions of Windows 10 (1511+), or any version of Windows Server 2016 (1607+) or newer.

The accent colour, currently used to highlight question and record types, may be invisible under conhost windows with PowerShell’s default palette (dark blue background). This is because both the background and the accent colour use the same “slot” which is normally for non-bright magenta. If affected, you can reconfigure your colour scheme, or use --color never, or consider switching to Windows Terminal.


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