Cargo Features

bollard-next has no features set by default.

bollard-next = { version = "0.16.1", features = ["buildkit", "test_http", "test_ssl", "test_macos", "json_data_content", "ssl", "webpki", "chrono", "time", "utoipa", "schemars"] }
buildkit = bollard-next-buildkit-proto, chrono, num, rand, ssl, tonic, tower-service

Enable Buildkit-enabled docker image building

Enables buildkit of bollard-next-stubs, fs of tokio, io of tokio-util

Affects image::BuildImageOptions.session, image::ImageBuildOutput


Enable tests specifically for the http connector

test_ssl = ssl

Enable tests specifically for rustls


Enable tests specifically for macos


Enable JSON payload in deserialization errors

ssl buildkit? test_ssl? webpki? = home, hyper-rustls, rustls, rustls-native-certs, rustls-pemfile, rustls-pki-types

Enable rustls / ssl

webpki = ssl

Enables webpki-roots

chrono buildkit?

Enables chrono, chrono of bollard-next-stubs

Affects, container::Stats.preread, system::EventsOptions.since, system::EventsOptions.until


Enables time, time of bollard-next-stubs

Affects, container::Stats.preread, docker::deserialize_rfc3339, docker::serialize_rfc3339, system::EventsOptions.since, system::EventsOptions.until


Enable utoipa support

Enables utoipa, utoipa of bollard-next-stubs


Enable schemars support

Enables schemars, schemars of bollard-next-stubs

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

bollard-next-buildkit-proto buildkit?
home ssl?
hyper-rustls ssl?
num buildkit?
rand buildkit?
rustls ssl?
rustls-native-certs ssl?
rustls-pemfile ssl?
rustls-pki-types ssl?
tonic buildkit?
tower-service buildkit?