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bin+lib bollard-next-buildkit-proto

Protobuf definitions to interact with buildkit using Bollard

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0.4.0 May 1, 2024

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Buildkit rust proto

This repository contains both the protobuf descriptors and generated output.

The generated files are part of the project to maintain consistency across generated assets in the Bollard project, and to avoid a build dependency on the external protoc binary.


To fetch the protobuf files needed in the Bollard project, this step will fetch remote files and replace import statements with local equivalents, so that they can be parsed by prost.

cargo run --bin fetch --features fetch


You will need a protoc compiler for this step. On unix there is usually a package protobuf-compiler or equivalent.

To generate the rust output from the protobuf files use the following:

cargo run --bin gen --features build


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