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A minimalistic text editor with vim-like navigation capabilities

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0.4.0 May 23, 2022

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My (WIP) personal text editor for prose.



The goals for bo are the following:

  • write a non trivial application in Rust for the first time
  • create a text editor extremely tailored to my personal tastes, only implementing the Vim navigation features I like and use
  • make it non configurable

Having a good text editor is paramount for a software engineer, but the definition of good really varies depending on the context. I do enjoy Visual Studio for its rich ecosystem, I enjoy Sublime Text for its extreme snappiness, and I enjoy vim for its ubiquitousness. I tend to favour an editor with plugins/linters/autocompletion when I'm developing code, but when I'm writing prose (blogposts, book chapters...), I would like to use an editor that is as simple as possible and "works" for me, without giving me the opportunity of getting lost in configuration options.

So, something like Left, but with vim-like navigation commands.



  • Navigation with h, j, k, l
  • Next/previous paragraph (}, {)
  • Next/previous word (w, b)
  • First/last line in document (g, G)
  • First/last character in the line (0, $)
  • Screen navigation (H, M, L)
  • First non whitespace character in the line (^)
  • Support for multi-character commands (e.g. 2j, 3}, ...)
  • Go to n% in the file (%)
  • Search text and navigate through matches
  • Move cursor by left clicking
  • Go to matching symbol, bracket, quote, etc
  • Support multiline goto-matching-symbol


  • Create a new file
  • Open an existing file
  • Save file w
  • Rename file w file name
  • Insert character under the cursor
  • block (word, paragraph, line, etc) with both d and c
  • delete a line with dd
  • yank/paste a block
  • insert newline before/after (o, O)
  • Replace current character (r)
  • Replace search matches
  • Remove trailing space at save
  • Remove current character


  • toggle line numbers
  • toggle word count stats
  • toggle line wrapping


  • Display help
  • Save session file with last known cursor position
  • Restore unsaved edits by regularly saving to a hidden swap file
  • Command history, browsable with arrows
  • Support Unicode characters
  • Redraw rows when the terminal size changes

Long shot

  • Multiline edition support
  • undo/redo
  • Tab navigation
  • Fuzzy file finder


I got the inspiration for bo by reading about antirez's editor kilo, and am wildly basing my work on the excellent blogpost series by Philipp Flenker.

It is called bo because I've recently turned 30.


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