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A basic TypeScript transpiling and bundling tool for (primarily backend) monorepos

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Introducing bndl, a basic TypeScript transpiling and bundling tool for (primarily backend) monorepos. It uses SWC under the hood so it benefits from the speed improvements that it brings over tsc.

It aims to be a near drop in replacement for people already accustomed to tsc and uses the tsconfig.json already present in your project. bndl goes through the monorepo, builds the current app (or package) with swc, identifies which dependencies are used by the consumer and copies them over to the compiled directory node_modules of said consumer.

The result? A dist that contains everything for your app to run. Simply copy the dist over to a Docker image and run it. Read more about it here.



$ cargo install bndl_cli


$ npm install -g bndl-cli


$ sh -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/segersniels/bndl/master/scripts/install.sh)"


$ sh -c "$(wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/segersniels/bndl/master/scripts/install.sh -O -)"


Expect a lot of missing functionality and potential things breaking. This was made with a specific use case in mind and there might be cases where functionality drifts from what you might need. Feel free to make issues or PRs adding your requested functionality.

Please provide the provided panic log or debug logging with RUST_LOG=debug bndl ... so your issue can get resolved quicker.


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