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A Rust crate provides an interface for interacting with a blockchain

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A Rust crate provides an interface for interacting with a blockchain.

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  • new(difficulty, reward, fee): Initialize a new blockchain with the specified parameters.
  • get_transactions(page, size): Get a list of current transactions in the blockchain using pagination details.
  • get_transaction(hash): Get a transaction by its hash.
  • add_transaction(from, to, amount): Add a new transaction to the blockchain.
  • validate_transaction(from, amount): Validate a new transaction to the blockchain.
  • create_wallet(email): Create a new wallet with a unique email and an initial balance.
  • get_wallet_balance(address): Get a wallet's balance based on its address.
  • get_wallet_transactions(address, page, size): Get a wallet's transaction history based on its address and using pagination details.
  • get_last_hash(): Get the hash of the last block in the blockchain.
  • update_difficulty(difficulty): Update the mining difficulty of the blockchain.
  • update_reward(reward): Update the block reward.
  • update_fee(fee): Update the transaction fee.
  • generate_new_block(): Generate a new block and append it to the blockchain.
  • get_merkle(transactions): Calculate the Merkle root hash for a list of transactions.
  • proof_of_work(header): Perform the proof-of-work process to mine a block.
  • hash(item): Calculate the SHA-256 hash of a serializable item.


Option Data type Description
difficulty f64 The initial mining difficulty level of the network.
reward f64 The initial block reward for miners.
fee f64 The transaction fee.


This crate uses #![forbid(unsafe_code)] to ensure everything is implemented in 100% safe Rust.


For more in-depth details, please refer to the full documentation.

If you encounter any issues or have questions that are not addressed in the documentation, feel free to submit an issue.


Explore the capabilities of this blockchain implementation through a set of examples:

  • CLI for interacting with the blockchain: see more
  • API for interacting with the blockchain using axum: see more


use blockchain::Chain;

fn main() {
  // Initialise a new blockchain
  let mut chain = Chain::new(2, 100.0, 0.01);

  // Create a wallet for a sender
  let sender = chain.create_wallet(String::from("sender@mail.com"));
  // Create a wallet for a receiver
  let receiver = chain.create_wallet(String::from("receiver@mail.com"));

  // Add a transaction
  chain.add_transaction(sender, receiver, 1.25);

  // Get a transaction
  let transaction = chain.get_transaction(

  match transaction {
    Some(trx) => println!("📦 Transaction: {:?}", trx),
    None => println!("❌ Transaction was not found"),

  // Get all transactions
  let transactions = chain.get_transactions();
  println!("📦 Transactions: {:?}", transactions);

  // Others


Build the application:

cargo build

Test the application:

cargo test

Run the application:

cargo run

Run clippy:

cargo clippy --all-targets --all-features -- -D warnings

Run lint:

cargo fmt

Generate documentation in HTML format:

cargo doc --open


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