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A crate for writing fast and highly resilient in-process gRPC service meshes

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A crate for writing fast and highly resilient in-process gRPC service meshes.


blip provides an implementation of distributed membership based on rapid, exposed as a gRPC service. Groups of servers become aware of each other through the membership protocol, and any given member may expose its own metadata or linked services through the same backing gRPC server.

In essence, this crate provides a membership list with strong consistency semantics (as opposed to weakly consistent protocols like SWIM), distributed fault detection, and grpc routing.

Service Discovery

blip is designed to build heterogenous meshes. As such, members may expose arbitrary (immutable) key-value metadata when they join a mesh, which can be used for the purpose of service discovery.

Sharding and State

blip does not enforce any invariants with regard to state held by members of a mesh. For maximal flexibility, state and sharding are deferred to implementations of member services.

Feature Flags

  • full: Enables all optional features.
  • cache: Enables the cache service.



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