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Encodes and decodes the BitcoinCash's Bech32 format

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BitcoinCash's Bech32 Rust

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Fork of Bitcoin's bech32 crate to cover BitcoinCash's differences.


The minimum supported Rust version with the standard library is 1.29.

With nostd, we use the alloc dependency, so the MSRV is instead 1.36.


Encoding and decoding of the Bech32 format

Bech32 is an encoding scheme that is easy to use for humans and efficient to encode in QR codes.

A Bech32 string consists of a human-readable part (HRP), a separator (the character ':'), and a data part. A checksum at the end of the string provides error detection to prevent mistakes when the string is written off or read out loud.

The original description in BIP-0173 has more details.

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