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Read, modify and write xml in tree-like structure. Supports UTF-16.

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0.3.0 May 15, 2024

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This is a fork of the original xml-doc crate, which is now obsolete. It fixes some minor issues and introduces new APIs for easier manipulation of XML elements with namespaces.

xml-doc is a rust library to read, modify, and write XML documents. Documentation

It's aim is to be able to read any xml files, and modify only the parts you want to.


  • Supports reading from most encodings, including UTF-16. (With the notable exception of UTF-32)
  • You can have references to the parts of the tree, and still mutate the tree.
  • Elements stores reference to its parent element, so traveling up the tree is fast.
  • One of the fastest XML tree-like parser & writer. See #Performance.
  • Supports attribute value normalization, character/entity references.

Due to its architecture, you can't exchange nodes or elements between documents. If your project modifies multiple xml documents at the same time, this library may not be a good fit.


use biodivine_xml_doc::{Document, Element};

let XML = r#"<?xml version="1.0"?>
<package xmlns:dc="http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/">
        <dc:rights>MIT or Apache 2.0</dc:rights>

let doc = Document::parse_str(XML).unwrap();
let package = doc.root_element().unwrap();
let metadata = package.find(&doc, "metadata").unwrap();
let title = metadata.find(&doc, "title").unwrap();
title.set_attribute("xml:lang", "en");

// Add an element to metadata: <dc:creator id="author">Yoonchae Lee</dc:creator>
let author = Element::build("dc:creator")
    .text_content("Yoonchae Lee")
    .attribute("id", "author")
    .push_to(&mut doc, metadata);

let new_xml = doc.write_str();


To run benchmark: cd benches ; cargo bench.

Tree-based Parser

                   tiny(5KB) medium(1.5MB) large(25MB) medium(UTF-16)
xml-doc v0.2.0:     81.02us     31.08ms      355.04ms      33.33ms
minidom v0.12.0:    94.93us     43.39ms      610.41ms
roxmltree v0.14.1:  52.73us     17.23ms      353.79ms
xmltree v0.10.3:  4305.7 us   1355.0 ms    22769.  ms

Only roxmltree which doesn't support writing, is considerably faster than xml_doc. (Benchmark results).

Event-based parser

This crate uses [quick-xml] to parse/write xml, which seems to be the fastest xml event parser. (Benchmark results).

                   tiny(5KB) medium(1.5MB) large(25MB)
quick-xml v0.17.2:  21.11us     6.63ms       97.79ms
xml-rs v0.8.4:     343.56us    96.17ms     1671.8 ms
xml5ever v0.16.2:  127.83us    42.46ms      550.83ms
RustyXML v0.3.0:   103.07us    36.40ms      710.93ms


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