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Displays monthly reports for billable hours. Supports Toggl and Harvest.

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0.2.1 Feb 24, 2023
0.2.0 Feb 23, 2023

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A simple command line utility that displays monthly reports for billable hours. It integrates with Toggl and Harvest.

The key feature is the ability to set monthly goal for each client. Billable provides monthly estimates, daily and weekly targets based on the definied goal.

Output example

# billable -s -m 2
February 2023
My Second Client        19:00 🟢 23:28/20:00 🎯 0:15 a day, 1:15 a week
My First Client         23:00 🔴 28:24/30:00 🎯 1:45 a day, 8:45 a week
January 2023
My Second Client        30:00 🟢 30:00/20:00
My First Client         17:00 🔴 17:00/30:00

February 2023
Harvest Client          27:00 🟢 33:21/33:00 🎯 1:30 a day, 7:30 a week
January 2023
Harvest Client          35:00 🟢 35:00/33:00


You can install billable with cargo:

cargo install billable


Configuration file config.toml is loaded from:

  • current directory
  • or ~/Library/Application Support/com.robertwijas.billable

Running billable presents an option to create a sample config.


# billable --help
Usage: billable [OPTIONS]

  -m, --months <MONTHS>            [default: 1]
  -s, --show-minutes
  -c, --config-name <CONFIG_NAME>  [default: config]
  -h, --help                       Print help


  • show hours for current month per client
  • remove hardcoded month
  • show report for last 2 months
  • read user config file from $HOME/.billable.toml or similar
  • support arg for controlling the number of recent months to display
  • better time precision (or round up hours)
  • configure monthly goal
  • use basic text formatting when displaying results
  • show estimated hours for current month per client
  • indicate goal progress
  • add option to show time with minutes
  • calculate optimal weekly and daily pace to hit the goal
  • support show minutes flag in goal hints
  • add harvest
  • add demo reports provider
  • automatically create configuration if missing, based on the config.toml.example
  • add example output to README (preferably based on the demo report)
  • replace colored with console
  • extract styling code using Style from console
  • adjust first column width to the longest client name
  • create CHANGELOG
  • support holidays (?) or allow to somehow override working days
  • add option to display Total row for all clients
  • add option to show weekly reports
  • configure automatic releases with github actions
  • reports/configuration per project
  • display hours in PLN AKA support hourly rates :)
  • auto currency conversion
  • implement async http requests


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