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A rust library for working with boolean expressions (syntax trees, decision diagrams, algebraic normal form, etc.)

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0.1.5 May 21, 2021
0.1.4 Jul 13, 2020
0.1.3 Sep 25, 2019
0.1.2 Dec 17, 2018
0.1.0 Nov 30, 2018

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bex : an exercise in optimization

Bex is a rust library for working with boolean expressions (expression trees, decision diagrams, etc.)

This crate lets you build a complicated abstract syntax tree (or logic circuit schematic, if you prefer) by working with individual Bit structs, or vectors that act like integers.

You can also "solve" these AST structures by converting them into various canonical represations:

  • reduced, ordered, binary decision diagrams (ROBDDs) -- a normal form consisting of if-then-else triples that essentially act like compressed truth tables
  • algebraic nomal form -- an "xor of ands" polynomial form
  • (more coming in the future)

Video introduction

J and Bex vs Primorial 15 is about converting "simple" factoring problems into boolean expressions and solving them with bex.

It covers the large factoring problems in examples/solve/bdd-solve.rs and the smaller tests in src/solve.rs

Current work (upcoming for version 0.2.0)

  • actually use semantic versioning for releases :)
  • better metrics collection for benchmarking
  • generalize the BDD swarm implementation to work for ANF
  • various solver optimizations
  • better graphviz rendering
  • other general improvements

For more detail, see plans.org.

Changes in 0.1.5 (latest release)

  • Added SwapSolver, a new substitution solver that (like any SubSolver) works by iteratively replacing virtual variables (representing AST nodes) with their definitions inside a BDD. What's new here is that SwapSolver continuously re-orders the variables (rows) in the BDD at each step so that the substitution is as efficient as possible.

  • Added XVHLScaffold, a data structure for decision-diagram-like graphs, that allows accessing each row individually. This structure should be considered extremely experimental, and may change in the future (as it does not currently use NID for node references).

  • Added swarm module that contains a small framework for distributing work across threads. It is used by the SwapSolver to swap BDD rows in parallel, and follows the same design as BddSwarm, which will likely be ported over to this framework in the future.

  • Added ops module for representing boolean expressions in something like reverse Polish notation. The Ops::RPN constructor will likely replace ast::Op as the representation of nodes in ast::ASTBase in a future version, since Ops::RPN can represent arbitrary boolean functions with any number of inputs.

For full changelog, see CHANGELOG.md.


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