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This plugin replaces core loop & rendering in Bevy with Vulkano backend. Basically this allows you to be fully in control of your render pipelines with Vulkano without having to bother yourself with engine architecture much. Just roll your pipelines and have fun.

This makes it extremely easy to do following with Vulkano:

  • Windowless Apps
  • Multiple Windows
  • Event handling

From Vulkano's perspective, this plugin contains functionality for resizing, multiple windows & utility for beginning and ending the frame. However, you'll need to do everything in between yourself. A good way to get started is to look at the examples.

This should be especially useful for learning graphics pipelines from scratch using Vulkano.

  1. Add VulkanoWinitPlugin. (Don't forget to add WindowPlugin, and some basic bevy plugins). Don't add default plugins.
  2. Then create your own rendering systems using vulkano's pipelines (See example.). You'll need to know how to use Vulkano.
  3. If you want to use egui library with this, add egui and bevy_vulkano with feature gui.


See examples.


This library re-exports egui_winit_vulkano.


cargo run --example multi_window_gui --features "gui links clipboard"
cargo run --example windowless_compute
cargo run --example game_of_life


Feel free to open a PR to improve or fix anything that you see would be useful.


~1.5M SLoC