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An easy way to integrate Rhai with Bevy

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Bevy Rhai

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What is Bevy Rhai?

Bevy Rhai is an easy way to integrate and use Rhai with Bevy. It provides everything you need to get started, all you need to do is write the APIs and run the scripts.

This is very early on in development and so stuff might be missing, feel free to open an issue or PR if you want to see something added. At the moment, everything here is from using the plugin in a personal project.


How versions of Bevy Rhai relate to Bevy versions.

Bevy Bevy Rhai
0.7 0.2–0.3
0.6 0.1


All code in this repository is dual-licenced under either:

at your option. This means you can select the licence you prefer! Please see the LICENCE file for more information.


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