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A GPU accelerated simple tilemap for bevy

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Fast Tilemap for Bevy

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Lightning fast tilemaps for bevy.


  • Very high rendering performance (hundreds of fps, largely independent of map size)
  • Tilemaps can be very large or have many "layers"
  • Rectangular and isometric (axonometric) tile maps.
  • Tiles can overlap either by "dominance" rule or by perspective
  • Optional custom mesh for which the map serves as a texture


iso_perspective custom_mesh

Checkout screenshots/ for more.

How it works

The whole map is rendered as a single quad and a custom shader cares for rendering the correct tiles at the correct position.

Thus each map works with two textures: One with integer data type, constructed and maintained internally for storing for each tile position which tile index should be displayed there. And the other being a tile atlas that contains all the tiles. This one should be provided by you (see assets/ for atlas examples).

As of this writing, this should be (much) faster than most other bevy tilemap implementations out there.


  • Only tested on Windows, no WASM support
  • No direct animation support, but you can easily update the tilemap in regular intervals to achieve the same (see Animation Example)

If you dont require all of bevy_fast_tilemaps performance and are looking for an approach that supports some more tile shapes and allows to treat each tile as a separate entity, take a look at bevy_ecs_tilemap which (among others) inspired this work.


Check out the examples/ folder to get an overview. You can run the examples like this:

cargo run --example updates
cargo run --example layers
cargo run --example iso
cargo run --example iso2
cargo run --example bench

Bevy Compatibility

bevy bevy_fast_tilemap
0.10.1 0.1.0
0.10.1 0.2.0
0.10.1 0.3.0
0.10.1 0.4.0
0.11.0 0.5.0


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