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Crossplatform way to query device language setting

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Provides access device language cross-platform: iOS, Android, Web (Wasm), Windows & Linux. Useful to support app localization in the right language.

See also: bevy_ios_iap, bevy_ios_gamecenter, bevy_ios_notifications, bevy_ios_alerts, bevy_ios_review & bevy_ios_impact

See the crate in action in Zoolitaire:



  • macOS, iOS (using [NSLocale preferredLanguage] see docs)

  • Android (using Locale.getDefault().toLanguageTag see docs)

  • Wasm (uses web-sys and Navigator.language() see docs)

  • Windows (using GetUserDefaultLocaleName see docs)

  • Linux (using Env: LC_ALL, LC_MESSAGES or LANG)


Add dependency: bevy_device_lang = "0.4"

fn bevy_system() {
    let lang : Option<String> = bevy_device_lang::get_lang();


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