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These are abstractions for a reactive application architecture using Carboxyl. See my scribbled notes further down. Will add better documentation (read: full introduction) soon.


  • Human-Computer Interaction as a metaphor
  • Hexagonal architecture

FRP operates at the core/driver boundary

Surrounded by drivers for

  • window
  • user inputs (keyboard, mouse…)
  • graphics
  • network
  • sound
  • etc.

Modelling inputs

  • streams only when you want to take an action based on an event
  • signals when the input represents the state of another system

Internal factoring

Application logic is a simple reactive function from inputs to outputs

Application has the same shape as its parts

Component trait

Unsolved problems

  • How to deal with integrations/ticks?
    • first of all, avoid them as they are approximations which compose badly


Copyright 2016 Eduard Bopp.

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