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Macros to easily / cleanly benchmark code blocks

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0.1.0 Apr 18, 2019

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🦀 benchme 🐢

A simple rust library to quickly benchmark your code blocks.

Check it out on crates.io

🏎 usage 🚀

//run a quick benchmark
benchmark! {
    //your super code goes here
    println!("omaewamou SHINDEIRUUUUUU! {}", 999999999);

//or run a benchmark tagged with a name #[name_goes_here_AbCd123] (useful if you are benchmarking more than one thing)
benchmarknamed! {
    //name that will be displayed for the benchmark output
    //my super intense code that I need to make sure is super mega fast
    println!("To the moooooooon! 🚀");
    println!("the yeet was yote.");

✳️ acquiring benchme ✅

add the following in your Cargo.toml file:

benchme = "0.1.0"

and this in your super intensive needsabenchmark.rs file:

extern crate benchme;
use std::time::{Instant};

No runtime deps