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Make your code prettier.

Beautytips is a tool to run a set of checks on files and report back on the results.

Typically you run linters and formatters on code in a repository.


  • works with git repos
    • can configure itself as commit hook
  • works with jj repos
  • works with pijul repos
  • runs tools in parallel if possible
  • Supports configurable tools
    • ... on a user level
    • ... on a repository level
  • Has builtin definitions
    • for rustfmt, clippy, etc. (needs cargo + co. installed)
    • github actions (needs actionlint installed)
    • cspell (needs cspell installed)
  • can manage the installation of necessary tools

Supported Platforms

OS Status
Linux builds and works
MacOS builds, but may or may not do something
Windows builds, but may or may not do something

Example usage

List all known actions:

beautytips list-actions

List all files beautytips will run actions on. In this case check the jj version control system for changed files.

beautytips list-files --from-vcs=jj

Run all actions that start with check_ on all files in the current directory:

beautytips run --from-dir . --actions check_all

Run all actions that start with fix_ in the rust namespace on all files git considers changed:

beautytips run --from-vcs=git --actions rust/fix_all


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