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The Bitcoin Dev Kit


A modern, lightweight, descriptor-based wallet library written in Rust!

Crate Info MIT or Apache-2.0 Licensed CI Status API Docs Rustc Version 1.57.0+ Chat on Discord

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The bdk libraries aims to provide well engineered and reviewed components for Bitcoin based applications. It is built upon the excellent rust-bitcoin and rust-miniscript crates.

⚠ The Bitcoin Dev Kit developers are in the process of releasing a v1.0 which is a fundamental re-write of how the library works. See for some background on this project: https://bitcoindevkit.org/blog/road-to-bdk-1/ (ignore the timeline 😁) For a release timeline see the bdk_core_staging repo where a lot of the component work is being done. The plan is that everything in the bdk_core_staging repo will be moved into the crates directory here.


The project is split up into several crates in the /crates directory:

  • bdk: Contains the central high level Wallet type that is built from the low-level mechanisms provided by the other components
  • chain: Tools for storing and indexing chain data
  • file_store: A (experimental) persistence backend for storing chain data in a single file.
  • esplora: Extends the esplora-client crate with methods to fetch chain data from an esplora HTTP server in the form that bdk_chain and Wallet can consume.
  • electrum: Extends the electrum-client crate with methods to fetch chain data from an electrum server in the form that bdk_chain and Wallet can consume.

Fully working examples of how to use these components are in /example-crates


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