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This library provides methods to read and write Binary Dictionary Format files that can be used to represent rainbow tables.



use bdf::io::BDFReader;
use std::fs::File;
use std::io::BufReader;

fn main() {
    let f = File::open("dictionary.bdf").unwrap();
    let mut bdf_reader = BDFReader::new(f);
    let lookup_table = bdf_reader.read_lookup_table().unwrap();
    let lookup_table = lookup_table.clone();
    while let Ok(next_chunk) = &mut bdf_reader.next_chunk() {
        if let Ok(entries) = next_chunk.data_entries(&lookup_table) {
            println!("{:?}", entries);


use bdf::chunks::{DataEntry, HashEntry};
use bdf::io::BDFWriter;
use std::fs::File;
use std::io::BufWriter;
use std::convert::Into;

fn main() {
    let f = File::create("dictionary.bdf").unwrap();
    let entry_count = 1;
    let mut bdf_writer = BDFWriter::new(f, entry_count, false);
    bdf_writer.add_lookup_entry(HashEntry::new("fakehash".into(), 3)).unwrap();
    let mut entry = DataEntry::new("foo".into());
    entry.add_hash_value("fakehash".into(), vec![0, 2, 3]);
    println!("Finished writing!");

Binary Dictionary File Format (bdf)

<BDF> = <Header><Chunk(META)><Chunk(HTBL)>[<Chunk(DTBL)>]

All u8 format are unsigned BigEndian numbers.


Raw (hex) 42 44 46 01 52 41 49 4e 42 4f 57

Position Name Value Meaning
0-2 Format BDF Indicates the bdf Format
3-4 Version u32 The revision of the format (0x01)
4-10 to be fancy RAINBOW The word "Rainbow" because why not


Position Name Value Meaning
0-3 length (l) u32 the length of the data chunk
4-7 name ASCII the name of the chunk
8-l data any the data of the chunk
l + 1 - l + 5 crc crc the crc sum value of the chunk

Meta Chunk

The format of the data inside the META chunk. The data is mandatory for the file to be interpreted and the chunk should be the first chunk in the file.

Position Name Value Meaning
0-3 chunk count u32 The number of DTBL chunks in the file
4-7 entries per chunk u32 The maximum number of Data Rows in each chunk
8-15 total number of entries u64 The total number Data Rows in the file
16-19 compression method ASCII/0x00000000 The name of the compression method or null bytes if none is used

Data Row

The format inside the DTBL chunk. A chunk contains multiple data rows.

Position Name Value Meaning
0-3 length(lt) u32 the total length of the data row
4-7 length (l) u32 the length of the password string
8-l password UTF-8 The password string
1: l+1 - l+5 type u32 the id of the hash function
l+6 - l+x hash any the value of the hash function. The length has to be looked up by the hash functions ID
goto 1

Hash Entry

The format inside the HTBL chunk. Just like the DataRow the HashEntry is contained in the chunk multiple times.

Position Name Value Meaning
0-3 ID u32 the id of the entry that is used in the data tables
4-7 output length u32 the length of the output of the hash function
8-11 length u32 the length of the hash functions name
12-length name ASCII the name of the hash function


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