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no-std bamboo-rs-core-ed25519-yasmf

Publish and verify signed hash chains of bamboo messages

2 releases

0.1.1 Apr 1, 2022
0.1.0 Nov 29, 2021

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Rust implementation of bamboo.


Rust docs


bamboo-rs aspires to be portable, fast and correct.


bamboo-rs-core supports compilation with no_std and uses crypto libraries that support this too. Anywhere rust can go, bamboo can go too, including microcontrollers, mobile and in the browser via web assembly.

Bamboo releases target 29 different architectures. Releases of the bamboo_core library expose a c api so you can build bindings to many other languages.


The most likely bottleneck for applications is verification. Experience with scuttlebutt shows that once an application has to deal with a few years of data from a social network, onboarding a new user is painfully slow, and part of that slowness is due to verification.

bamboo-rs exports a batch verification function that uses rayon and signature batch verification that uses SIMD instructions for ~3-4 * speed up.


There are Test vectors so that you can test your implementation against this one. As people build their own implementations of bamboo we can work together to check each other's work.


Check out bamboo-rs-cli, a command line tool for working with bamboo entries. Download it for your architecture from the releases


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