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Ballista Scheduler

This crate contains the Ballista Scheduler. It can be used both as a library or as a binary.


$ RUST_LOG=info cargo run --release
[2021-02-11T05:29:30Z INFO  scheduler] Ballista v0.4.2-SNAPSHOT Scheduler listening on
[2021-02-11T05:30:13Z INFO  ballista::scheduler] Received register_executor request for ExecutorMetadata { id: "6d10f5d2-c8c3-4e0f-afdb-1f6ec9171321", host: "localhost", port: 50051 }

By default, the scheduler will bind to localhost and listen on port 50051.

Connecting to Scheduler

Scheduler supports REST model also using content negotiation. For e.x if you want to get list of executors connected to the scheduler, you can do (assuming you use default config)

curl --request GET \
  --url http://localhost:50050/executors \
  --header 'Accept: application/json'

Scheduler UI

A basic ui for the scheduler is in ui/scheduler of the ballista repo. It can be started using the following yarn command

yarn && yarn start


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