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Uses old Rust 2015

0.2.1 Oct 8, 2016
0.2.0 Oct 6, 2016
0.1.0 Oct 5, 2016

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MIT license



WIP ES2015+ to ES5 transpiler + bundler + minifier in Rust.

Because Webpack+Babel+UglifyJS are both awesome and terrible at the same time.


  • Rust 1.8.0


To print out the compiled code to stdout:

$ cargo run -- -f input.js

To compile to a file:

$ cargo run -- -f input.js -o output.js

Things that work:

  • A basic pipeline for parsing, transofrmation and code generation.
  • Can parse and code gen a large chunk of ES2015+ syntax (not all yet, but getting there).
  • The transformer can turn arrow functions into regular function expressions, adding .bind(this) when necessary.
  • Object shorthand as well as computed properties get transmuted to ES5.

Things that are missing:

  • Keep track of location of tokens and later on AST constructs in the original source code.
  • Meaningful parse error reporting.
  • Any sort of bundling.
  • A way to configure which transformations to do, and which to skip.
  • Interface with external compilers (Sass, Less, Handlebars), maybe use Neon?
  • Think of ways to analize function scopes (necessary for variable name scramling).


~77K SLoC