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Backgammon: The Oldest Board Game of the World

This crate provides a pure, canonical implementation of the game Backgammon. It allows to implement fast Backgammon games in various clients.

Supported Doubling Cube Rules

This library supports the following rules on the doubling cube:

  • Beaver
  • Raccoon
  • Murphy
  • Jacoby
  • Crawford
  • Holland


Start a new match with rules:

use backgammon::{Match,Rules};

let mut m = Match::new().

Discussions and Support

Any support is very welcome. Please use Bitbucket Issues to discuss features or ask for help.

Source Code Integrity

All commits are signed with the following GPG key (find the respective key for example in the FreeBSD keyring):

59A6 2B5D B2FE B9CA 2358 4FA1 1C7A 2F39 D966 052B

You can verify the integrity of the code by running:

git log --show-signature


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