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A command line util for backup rotation.

Uses filenames to extract timestamps and then sort files into timeslots for retention or deletion.


cargo install backedup

A local clone can be built from source and installed with:

cargo install .


By default, the plan will be displayed. Removal only happens if the --execute flag is given.

Filenames from a given directory are parsed into a time representation.
At least year, month and day have to present to be considered for removal. A configuration of how many files to keep in each slot have to be provided for at least one slot.

The following command will display a plan to keep:

  • one file per year for 20 years
  • one file per month for 12 months
  • one file per day for 30 days
backedup -y 20 -m 12 -d 30 path/to/directory

Files are grouped into separate slots only by time, rest of filename is never considered.
Use --pattern or -p flag if only a specific filename pattern should be accepted.
For example: --pattern '*.log'.

An alternative regex for parsing time from filenames can be provided by --regex. The default is

(?P<year>\d{4}) \D?
(?P<month>\d{2}) \D?
(?P<day>\d{2}) \D?
# Optional components.
(?P<hour>\d{2}) \D?
(?P<minute>\d{2}) \D?

See --help for more details or look at the example config


By default, file deletion is logged to Syslog


Regex and general inspiration is taken from python-rotate-backups


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